A day in the life of a domestic Goddess

It’s not easy being a goddess. I tell myself that every day!!!   Positive affirmations start the day off in a great way. It gives me a reason to smile …even if it is because I don’t look like a goddess at 7 am in the morning, but at least if I feel like one inside I’m ok 🙂

This morning is a little different from my usual morning routine, not that I have a  USUAL one to start with. Some days I feel like I can conquer the world , other days it takes my 3 hours to decide to have a shower!!!  Today I have a ”to do list”

  • Check e-mails and reply to all.
  • Check my blog , write down some ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while.
  • Drop my daughter to work. Some mornings 7.30 other days it can be 10 or 12
  • Go to the gym and at least inquire about classes…….well  it’s a start.
  • Look at the job searches. Send  out some more CV’s.
  • In between all this have some kind of breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day .
  • Put on a wash.
  • Watch Loose Women (daily chat show for women) I love it and it makes me think about things but nothing too deep or too heavy.
  • Make my bed, tidy the bloody room. How can a room get so messy when there is only me using it???.
  • Big decision …..to go or not to go to the library. OMG !!! A while ago a big decision would have been concerning the monthly budget of a hotel.
  • What to have for lunch. Another mammoth decision that I have to make every day 🙂
  • Pick up my grandson from school.
  • Go for a good long walk. Fresh air and all that , keep fit and not feel too guilty about piling on weight. This is on my list everyday , but, I have yet to actually do it.
  • Potter around for a while , I am really good at this now, a newly acquired talent.
  • Time to drop my grand daughter to her part – time job in the next village.
  • On the way back drop into my middle daughter for a cuppa and a chat.
  • Back home for a few hours then collect my oldest daughter from work, drop her home.
  • Back to mine for a light dinner and make the return journey to get my grand daughter from her job and drop her home.

At last I can put my feet up , it’s 10:30pm.

Positive affirmations……a great way to start and end a hectic day and it’s ok if I didn’t get to do everything. Tomorrow is another day 🙂


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