A day in the life of super woman.

Some days I am a domestic goddess other days I am super woman, and today I am super woman.

You know what I mean.  A day that starts great, you wake up after a good sleep, the weather is not too bad, and life is good!!!

Today, is a super woman day, and I can conquer the world. Ok, first things first, every super woman needs a good breakfast to start the day, gives the  fuel to fire on all cylinders.

What to have for breakfast, that decision is easy today, no mulling over this  for me. Other mornings I’m on my second coffee before I decide what to eat….but, not today. Breakfast while watching the World news, a quick shower then I make my list for things to do today. This practise comes from two things:

1. I am a Capricorn, and we are methodical and organised and love achieving even small goals every day, so listing things makes it easy and motivates me  to complete the list however long it is.

2. I have been a hotel manager for more than 12 years and this is  common practise in the industry to have a daily ”to do list”. It also helps to prioritize things on the list and makes it easier and more efficient to manage your time.

List done, I sit back and read over what I have written down and make sure there is nothing I forgot . Sometimes, if I’m feeling more than super or maybe it’s boredom, I put an actual time limit on tasks  and try to achieve them within that time. Is that normal?? are some of you thinking ”hey, I do that too” or are you saying ”looser” hahaha. I actually get a sense of achievement if I can do everything under the time I set myself, I feel like I have accomplished something, yeahhh for me 🙂 little steps I say.

Having worked my entire adult life, I now find myself at loose end , so  I do these small things  to fill some of my  days. Where once I seemed to never have enough time to do my managerial tasks, I now have so much time on my hands I wonder how much work was I doing!!!!

So I turn on my super woman mode, shake of the feeling of defeat the creeps up every now and then, put a smile on my face, look in the mirror and remind myself that the world only has one of me , so I better get on with it.

Out the door to face the world, get my list done , smile and spread my super woman energy to everyone who passes, life is good, it may not be exactly how I want it right now, but, I WILL GET THERE…..after all I am SUPER WOMAN:)







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