It only takes a minute.

Everything seems to be rushed these days, nobody takes a minute, yet this single minute can change so many things, so quickly, why do we take it for granted. I started to think about all the things that take  one minute

It only takes a minute:th522qxoc3

  • To say I Love You, to the important people in your life.
  • To say I’m sorry.
  • To smile.
  • To say ‘HI’.
  • To take a deep breath instead of getting angry.
  • To tell someone it will be OK.
  • To say Please or Thank you.
  • To hug someone, anyone, HUGS ARE FREE.
  • To make a cuppa, tea solves all problems:))
  • To switch off the electric ( save some money).
  • To say ‘well done’.
  • To put the toilet seat down guys!!!!
  • To double-check your work/report/blog
  • To thank God you are alive.
  • To fall in love ( so I’m told).
  • To put that red  lip gloss on and feel fab.
  • To encourage someone younger than you.
  • th6p16f3qa
  • Be mindful of your minutes and don’t take even one of them for granted……you never know when you will need one or wished you had one more.

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