How to hire a handyman in …. days.

”Life goes on” they say, ”things will never be the same normal again” they say, ”we have to learn to live with Covid 19 as best we can” they say.

So if we are to follow this advice and shop locally, give work to locals, keep the money in the country , then why the hell is it so hard to get anyone to do anything ?

Everyone is now trying to get back to some kind of normality, lock down was lifted and the days of staying indoors has now eased off and we can breath a little easier.

Time to do some positive things in the house ,on a budget but never the less I need a handyman.

With so many people out of work now, or so we are led to believe, getting a handyman can’t be that hard surely.


Tilers,electricians, plumbers are all employed somewhere, doing job for someone, with no time to spare, fully booked up for weeks on end, even someone to put up a shelf cannot be found!!!! So where is all the money coming from, how are there so many jobs available and where are all the trades people?? and why are we being told there is no work, no money and we are almost economically finished??

If you are lucky enough to actually find a trades person, you then have to work out a time that suits just to have a look at what needs doing. Then it’s deciding when then job can be done, in between the ”other” jobs that are being done at the time. Once that’s figured out the question of the price has to be worked out… and believe me nothing comes cheap, not even the smallest of jobs that take the least time.

I have had electricians, tilers, plumbers, stair fitters, gardeners, all say they want the job , but the amount of times call outs have been cancelled, changed, and even rearranged because they have ” too much on” is unreal and leaves me frustrated, annoyed and unmotivated to get anything done!!

So while I sit here and write this post I am still waiting , only now it seems we are going into phase 4 till December 1st!!!!

Maybe, I will youtube everything and figure out how to do it myself. Save money, keep it local (in my pocket) give work to locals (me) and avoid stress, and mental agrivation.

Here’s to phase 4, learning some new skills, trying staying positive and even saving money 🙂

Next rant to follow soon. x

One thought on “How to hire a handyman in …. days.

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