Me, myself and God

The other day, I was travelling to the airport to pick up my son and my two grand daughters. I checked the flight time, the traffic and weather so that I could leave in plenty of time in case of unforeseen events.

I LIKE TO BE ON TIME. I hate being late for anything, and I hate when others are late for me.

20 minutes into the drive I saw the motorway warning that there had been a crash at the next junction and there was a delay of 10 minutes. Instantly I sent up a prayer for those involved, hoping that nobody was hurt or worse still dead. The traffic suddenly came to a stand still. This was the start of the delay. I wasn’t too bothered, I had left in plenty of time and this was ”the unforeseen event”. I glanced at the cars on each side of me and I got to thinking, ”how many of the drivers prayed for the people involved in the accident?? Did anyone else besides me do it?? Maybe their  prayer was for the traffic to move, or that they wouldn’t be late for work? but how many took the time to pray for someone else.

That got me adding another prayer to keep me safe on the remaining journey that was ahead of me, then I added for good measure that my kids, grandchildren, friends and anyone who knows me to be kept safe too. And so started my chat with the man above.

My friends will tell you I have epic chats with him at times, and this was just another chat.

Me: Good morning God, it’s me again. Sorry that I didn’t say good morning earlier(I usually say it as soon as I wake up). I know I am always asking for things from you, and today is the same. Keep the kids safe, help them today, you know where and how they need help, you know which one needs a light bulb moment so I won’t go through the list because you already know…’re God after all.

Keep the people in the accident safe too and if I’m the only one praying for them at least they have someone …right??If any of them died  take their souls to heaven. Help their families in the coming months with the hard time ahead .

Do you ever get exasperated God?? with your family, I mean mankind, we are your family, and I can’t imagine what you must think when you look down and see the carry on of us all. Don’t you ever despair at it all?? I know I do with my lot, and compared to you I shouldn’t complain at all. I wonder does anyone else think of you like this or am I the right side of a padded cell:) But someone should be mindful of your feelings, sometimes I think my lot forget I have feelings and I am just a means to an end. That’s why I’m always looking for your help, always asking questions, always looking to you for answers, some of which I should remind you that you haven’t answered yet. Ohh… sorry God, should I be talking to you like this, because you are God.

Hang on the traffic is moving…..hell just a few feet, the accident must be serious. How do you decide God, who lives , who dies, who survives something terrible and who doesn’t. Sometimes I wish I could talk to you face to face and ask all the questions that only you can answer…..but then I think… I would be dead if that happened and I’m hoping I’m on  the end of any list you have regarding that. Do you have lists?? you know everything so I don’t suppose you do really, you don’t need one.

I look at the drivers on either side of me again, different people now, looking fed up, one is on the phone the other has his head cradled in his hand looking like he will fall asleep if the traffic doesn’t move soon. God, don’t let him fall asleep or I will never get to the airport on time.

The traffic moves slowly again, I can’t see anything only cars, the accident must be further up, that means I am way back , the clock is ticking, I still have time. What’s happening that the traffic is so slow, I hope it’s not a pile-up. I bet none of those people thought this would happen to them today.

On a different note God, I know I’m always asking you to put someone nice in my life, and I’m asking this a long time now , but can I ask that you make it sooner rather than later. Good things come to those who wait!!! but you don’t say how long the wait is!!!

I also know ”ask and you shall receive” and I know it’s always when the time is right, and all that , BUT and you already know this…you need to give me the heads up , coz I am really stupid when it comes to seeing signs.

Now I feel guilty for asking for something for myself, when someone could be dying on the road ahead. Is that why you don’t answer this particular prayer, I always ”slip” it into other prayers.

Well I put it out there again, and I will wait. Traffic moving a bit better now still no sign of what’s  causing the delay, slowly, slowly , but at least we are moving now.

Sorry for the bad language God, but I just hate when those smart asses fly up the inside lane to get ahead and then expect to be let into the lane where we have all been patiently waiting…it boils my blood. Why isn’t there a policeman at the end of that lane and hold them all till the rest of the traffic goes. That would teach them , but of course that would be the fair thing to do, and I let one of them go ahead of me. That’s my good deed for the  day ok!!!

The traffic starts to build up speed now and I can see the red and blue flashing lights ahead. The scene has all but been cleared away and there are hardly any signs that there was an accident at all. I look at the time and realise I have been chatting to you for an hour. Well thank you God for your company, it passed quickly and I enjoyed our chat. I have to fly now so I’m not late , but I’m sure there are loads waiting to chat and loads a lot worse off than me, so have a good day and I will have my usual chat with you at bedtime. By the way, don’t forget the nice man and a lotto win would be great too.



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