Getting back in the saddle!!!

Almost a year ago I decided to come back home, quit my job as Hotel Manager and be nearer my family. It wasn’t a decision I made easily. I had become accustomed to warmer climate,a foreign language, working 12+ hours everyday with one free day. But, I loved it….I revelled in the excitement of new guests, every day being different, non stop holiday music, smiling faces and a pace that kept everyone’s weight low….but I loved it.

The comradery, the pressure, the constant checking and controlling staff, food, chefs and everything in between while running a great hotel  was my life , so you can imagine the abrupt stop I came to when I came home.

It’s ok I told myself, you’ll get used to it, it is what you want after all. I got busy getting to know everyone even better than I had, places that had changed or had completely gone, familiarising myself with a social system I had long forgotten. It took a lot less time then I had imagined. So next on the list (one of the many ”to do” lists I had), find somewhere to live….easy…, it turned out to be  a nightmare. The housing system or lack of it leaves a lot to be desired, and one office doesn’t know what the others are doing, so there is a constant miscommunication. Files being misplaced, application forms being lost, or so they said, never the same person dealing with the issue , so there is an irritating repetition of what you are looking for and your general information. Having got through it all, there is a waiting list to actually go on a waiting list!!! I’m beginning  to ask myself if this really is a good idea.

Anyway to cut a very long story short, I am now in my new home albeit a rented one, but it’s mine and I’m starting to settle down. Thoughts of what next keep creeping into my mind. I decided to start this blog by giving myself 1 year to decide what to do, hence the name of the blog:)

I travelled some and write about things important to me in the hopes to distress and maybe it would be a good read for some people.

The 365 days are almost up, it went faster than I thought it would and I’m not sure I achieved what I set out to, but I do know that I NEED TO WORK, not for financial reasons, although the money side is important. I have realised in this time that I am a people person, I am a workaholic, my brain needs stimulation, I like organising people and things, I love being a boss and I love to see staff exceed their own expectations, as well as the guests. I love watching people improve and get excited about their day, reaching for promotions and targets. Yes, I am a workaholic. But, you have to be passionate about it.

I want to share with people, my knowledge, my skills, and hopefully my work ethics, because for me I lead by example. They say if you’re away from the tourism business too long you miss out, so it’s time to get back in the saddle, but here’s where the dilemma lies, to do what I love and do it well only the same as before just in my home country or change careers and do something completely different and have more time on my hands. It’s one of those things that you wish someone would decide for you but you know nobody can, and even if someone could would I agree with their decision 🙂

A recent article I read said from ages 0-18 is the easy time in your life, from 20 – 65 we work and from 65 on is a bonus. So why not do what you love to do in your working years. I don’t just want to work for the sake of working, doing something I don’t particularly like  or from pay cheque to pay cheque.

Getting back in the saddle isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be, do you get back in your old familiar saddle or do you go for the new one even if it’s on a smaller horse:))

thoughts and advice would be gratefully accepted.

Chat soon x


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