Does your name suit you??

Have you ever thought about your name?? Why was I given this name? Was there a special meaning to it, or was it a name your parents just liked and it suited your surname.

I have often wondered why my mother chose my name for me. I know I was named after my uncle, my mother’s youngest brother and also after  Saint Gerard (Patron saint of expectant mothers) but  I think that was it. Over the years I have often thought to ask my mother was there another reason she chose the name for me, but I never got around to it. Now, it’s too late to ask and I really wonder was it as simple as just naming me after my uncle. In Ireland you had to be named after a saint or at the very least have a saint’s name as your second name. I wish there was a great story behind the reason for my naming but that was taken to the grave with my mother. So, I decided to find out about my name and see if it fitted me. New parents will often say ”he/she doesn’t look like a ……….”  Did I look like a Geraldine??What does a Geraldine look like 🙂

My name originates in Germany and is the feminine of Gerard. Incidentally, I should have been baptised GeraRdine but the priest misread it as Geraldine so does my name really fit me?? The name means ”Ruler with the spear” and as I researched it more I discovered that the name really does suit me, the characteristics pertaining to the name is me!!! Strong in mind and ethics, a natural leader, good communicator, omg this was really me, I was starting to think that maybe there is something in this naming business.

Other traits, good and bad described to a tee. Things like workaholic, stubborn, all fit me but how can my mother have known that the name would suit me so well. It’s like the chicken and egg …..did I look like a Geraldine , did my mother instinctively know what I would be like when she looked at me for the first time. How could she have known ? is it a motherly instinct , that come automatically when the baby arrives.

How did I know the names for my own children.!! When I looked at my first-born the name just came to me, my daughters names had been decided and then changed once they arrived.

In recent times , especially with celebrities the names of their children seem to be randomly chosen and I wonder in years to come will they wonder how the name was chosen…will there be a place to check out what the name means? will the name suit them too ….North……Blue……Willow, Pixie Coal dust etc, I wonder will the meaning of the name reflect the person, that will be interesting to see.

For me when my children came , I knew what their names should be, don’t ask me how. Looking back I did choose good names(is that bias). Out of curiosity I looked up the meanings and each name and the characteristics are exact. I also looked up the names I had picked for my daughters before they were born and surprise , surprise the names didn’t suit them at all , the character traits were really so wrong, so it was a good idea that I  changed the names.  Could it be that  we grow into our name , by some cosmic or Divine interception/ intervention. I wonder if I had stuck with the original names for my girls would they have turned out differently or their character any different or would they be as they  now regardless of their name??

Find out about your name …..see if it suits you, were your parents correct with your name.

Why did you give your child their name……..would love to get some feed back on this .

Chat again soon x



2 thoughts on “Does your name suit you??

  1. Names are really very important. As a matter of fact, in my family, we had to call for a family meeting to come to concession, and we changed a particular family surname to a close but better one. To me, names identify with us, and go a long way in our destiny fulfillment.


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