via Daily Prompt: Perfume

We all like to smell nice, men and women alike. It’s part of a daily  ritual for some of us, for others its only for a special occasion and others wouldn’t go out without the door with spraying their fav  scent on.

Introduced by the ancient civilizations, to enhance with aromatic oils and  fragrances what the human body couldn’t make naturally, dabbed onto the pulse points (behind the ears, at the wrists, behind the knees and at the back of the neck)so  the  heat of the body releases the fragrance slowly.  I know what you are thinking, I did the same……my mam WAS telling the truth about where to put perfume!!! I always thought she made that up in an effort to stop my eagerness to apply perfume from head to toe.

Perfume making  has evolved into a billion dollar industry today. We all get caught and pulled in by the advertisements by our favourite movie star, favourite singer or football player. The carefully choreographed adverts, designed to stimulate our  imagination into thinking if we buy the particular product we can have, can be, achieve what the ”star” has, we can get the gorgeous man/woman.  It works, we go out and buy the fragrance, not only to smell nice but to get that feeling of luxury, opulence and desirability, but for all the other enticements too. The  bottle it comes in, the colour , the packaging, all these things are cleverly thought out , tested and designed to catch us. And we like to be caught. Don’t you just love when someone says ”ohh you smell nice, what is your perfume?” And don’t you love it , when you can say it’s the latest on the market, on trend and by your favourite celebrity. Job done!!! Now don’t get me wrong I am guilty too. Just like Kim Kardashian I love/ collect perfume bottles and the prettier the better. They are proudly displayed in my bathroom .The odd time I stand and look at them and think, get rid of the bloody dust collectors, not worth a penny but nice to look at and when visitors use my loo it makes a good conversation topic (when they come out of course)!!  so they stay put. One day I will collect them all and bin them but for now I remember events I wore a certain perfume at, which ones were gifted to me , if I bought it in a foreign country or in a duty-free while on my travels.

So I personally get a lot more from my perfume experience, I smell great, I get feel good factor, I have the memory behind the perfume be it good or bad and I know if I am near anyone at least I am smelling lovely 🙂




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