Stress free travelling, my top tips.

As promised here are my tips for stress free travelling.

  1. RTFP…… the fine print before buying your ticket. Terms and conditions are boring , but there for a reason , so be sure you know what you are really buying.
  2. Print or save on your phone  your boarding pass .Online check-in saves time and you can go directly  to the bag drop then to the departure lounge.
  3. Make sure you have all relevant documents, passport, visa etc etc. Parental consent if needed. Medical evidence for any prescription drugs.
  4. For short trips , keep to hand luggage and 1 other bag. If you travel alone and you don’t mind where you sit don’t pay extra to choose a seat. In flight food can be costly on short flights save money and skip it. With your boarding pass in hand you go straight to the departure gate.
  5. For longer flights, vacuum seal your cases, check the weight is within your allowance as extra weight is costly at the airport.
  6. Ask if its possible to have your luggage sent directly to your final destination, you can save lots of time on connecting flights if you don’t have to collect luggage and check- in at the next airport. If you use the same airline for all flights or airlines that are affiliated with each other it should be no problem.
  7. Make sure you leave at least 2 hours between connecting flights in case of flight delays or there could be  a long distance to walk to the connecting flight, or it may be in another Terminal.
  8. Keep some mini wet wipes and deodorant wipes in your handbag and your cosmetics in a see through make- up bag . Available in Pennys @ 5.99€. Saves you having to put them into the plastic bags at the airport.
  9. makeup bag
  10. Try to wear slip on shoes, no belts (if possible),This saves time at the baggage scanning where you have to take off shoes and belts. Have your laptop out of its case, your  see-through make up bag  and jacket off and ready to go on the tray . All these small things help you to navigate your way to boarding your flight in a fast efficient way and hopefully with no stress.
  11. Be mindful that even though you may be in the departure lounge your gate may change so listen to announcements and always check the information boards , that have live  updates.
  12. Make sure you have coins for the baggage trolley at the carousel area.

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