If it’s a good read you want, this is it.


The internationally acclaimed novel  The hundred year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared by renowned author Jonas Jonasson is my 11th  book to read ( read my first blog),

It all starts on  Alan Karlsson’s birthday, but it’s not just any birthday , it’s his 100th birthday. He is sitting in his room in the old folks home waiting for his special birthday party to begin, a party he doesn’t even want. He stands up, takes his suitcase and slowly and carefully lowers himself out of his window to freedom.  Here start Alan’s adventures involving criminals, several murders, a case full of money and of course the police. As the story unfolds we learn somethings about Alan’s former life and discover he helped to make the atom bomb, he was friends with some of Americas  presidents, Russian mobsters and Chinese leaders and was behind the scenes in many twentieth century events,

The book is a page turner, full of surprises and unput downable. This is a book that will entertain readers of  all ages. I really enjoyed this book.

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