Steak and chips at Les Bubbles

What was once  a brothel, bath house and an illegal casino is now home to the delectable steak house LES BUBBLES.

This was on my restaurants to visit list  for some time and  for a few reasons. Firstly it’s the only restaurant in Brisbane that serves  1 dish. ”you can’t improve on perfection” is their tag line and that has to spark anyone’s interest and secondly for the history of the property.

Know by many as the national dish of France, Les Bubbles serves up their signature dish of Steak frites. Steak served with bread, salad and bottomless frites, not to mention the choice of three delicious sauces. If you still have room after that, the dessert menu consists of  mouth-watering crepes, chocolate fondant or Alaska (baked).

The restaurant runs on a reservation only basis so don’t just turn up or you will be disappointed.

Service is fast and efficient and your steak is cooked just how you want. The frites are endless and you can order as much as you want. There are 3 sauces to choose from, pepper and cognac,  béarnaise or  café de Paris. Luckily there was three of us so we got all three and shared them. The décor is just great with gorgeous framed  photos on all walls  of the rich and famous from bygone days.

If you are wondering what’s  downstairs just go down the single flight of stairs to the Bath house with a fully functioning 15 person spa bath, and the bar staff will tell you there is enough alcohol down there to fill the bath ten times over, the perfect place to have pre dinner drinks.

A definate re visit is planned:)


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