When you just have to taste the food.

On an afternoon out with my friend , we came across the funky burger joint Hello Harry. Although we weren’t particularly hungry the smell alone brought us in. After a quick look at the menu we decided we were hungry after all. Hello Harry serves generous  sized no-nonsense burgers on a choice of gluten-free, sesame seed buns and regular buns. Sweet potato chips and chips with special salt are all part of the delicious menu on offer. Cold beer, wine or spirits are available for those hot afternoons.The art work on the walls are a good conversation piece while you wait for you food. Staff was really friendly and their smiles were contagious. Full to the gills we decided to walk down to the pier at Portside wharf as the Sea Princess cruise ship had docked and we wanted to see it.

A leisurely walk took us through the shopping centre where we enjoyed a good browse around the boutiques, shoe shops, homeware store and the many bars and cafes.

The splendid Sea Princess cruise ship had docked and we watched some of the passengers embark and  dreamed of taking that very cruise some day. We couldn’t believe that we had been 4 hours wandering around and as the sun was going down it got a little chilly so we decided to end our afternoon with  Max Brenner’s (chocolate by the bald man) luxury hot chocolate served in hand warming hug mugs. It was a delightful afternoon of  window shopping, catching up, cruise dreaming , burger eating and chocolate indulgence.No mobile phones were used during this time and we survived 🙂

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