Sunday strolls

Who doesn’t love a Sunday stroll???

The very definition of the word stroll is to walk in a slow relaxed manner. There’s something magical about a Sunday stroll. The afternoon breeze that gently blows your hair, the warm sun shining in between passing clouds. It’s great to get outdoors, out of the house but still spending time with loved ones, or simply to take time to clear your mind.

There are three places in the world that I love spending time and my Sunday strolls are completely different in each place. In Ireland my stroll greatly depends on the weather and that determines where and  how long I can go out.  In Brisbane although the weather is a factor it is whether it is too hot to go for a stroll, and in Turkey I can pretty much go out whenever because of the mild weather conditions. Where you go for your stroll is equally important and also depends on how you are feeling on the day.

I love to go on the country roads in Ireland or down by the river where it’s quiet and you are in the middle of nature.

In Brisbane however, Sunday strolls can be in the city or on a  nature trail on the outskirts.

In Turkey a Sunday stroll can be by the beach or a nature hike to Alanya Castle.

No matter where you choose to go the for your Sunday stroll the important thing is to go.Take the relaxing walk and discover your surroundings with different eyes, see things that you might have been blind to before. Take time to clear your mind and if you are lucky to stroll with someone , switch off your phone and simply chat.

Happy Sundays People and happy strolling.

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