Gold Class cinema is the only way to go.

I absolutely LOVE the cinema, love everything about the whole thing from deciding what movie to see  , buying your tickets and your  goodies and  checking out what new movies are coming in the future. I love the atmosphere, the chat before the movie starts, the settling into your seat and hoping nobody will want you to stand up so they can get to the seats next to you.

Then there is Gold Class it’s like flying first class. On receipt of your tickets you go to the  beautiful lounge where you can sit and have hot food and drinks before the movie or simply choose from the menu and order your food and the time you would like the server to bring it to you. YES!!!!! can you believe it your food is served to you seat. The Gold class screen has 30 seats set in twos and all are reclining with plenty of room to completely relax, there is a sharing table with ample room for food for 2 to be served. We ordered sliders and cold drinks to be served 20 minutes into the movie and at exactly that time our food was served in a very quiet but professional manner making sure not to disturb the other viewers. Our lattes and pastries were served 50 minutes into the movie just as we had asked. Tickets can be bought online and there is  a self service ticket machine for easy collection and avoiding the queues.

Tickets  of course are more expensive but that’s to be expected for the added luxury and personal service you get. But, I still like to go to the normal cinema……well sometimes 🙂

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