My latest read

20170120_140344 Book no:10.

Chapter One : You have the power to change stuff by Daniel Flynn is more than a book.It an epic tale of 3 young Australians from Melbourne who together believed they had the power to change things.

With no business experience at all , the book follows the bumpy road of their  journey, read about their daring moves into the business and marketing  world ,  the wild mistakes they made and all the while keeping to their belief that they could change stuff.

The book is an inspirational read, funny and entertaining at times but also heart wrenching at some of the decisions that had to be made.

The book makes you think of your own stuff in life, challenging  you,  reminding you that even the craziest ideas can become reality. It’s a chance to be part of something big something that could change the world.

I loved this book but you have to read it vertically and that can be a bit distracting …..but this is just a very small minus.

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