Blogging for Dummies, is my daughter trying to tell me something??????

20170117_134644  This is book no:7,   but it is now my ”go to” book. I am intelligent, I use a computer every day, so when I decided to blog I thought ”this will be a piece of cake” I like writing, I can vent online, express my opinions share experiences and photos and if people read and enjoy it then great, but if nobody reads it I will  still continue as part of a therapy for myself and it’s  a lot better than talking to the wall.

So you can imagine my dismay when I start off my blog, delighted with life and taking notes of all the topics I want to discuss only to find that there is A LOT of things I don’t know, blog language was foreign to me. At this point I must say I was chatting with Word Press support a lot , I am sure at one point the person ”helping’ me was thinking OMG this woman is a complete dummy, it’s not that the explanation was no good it was that I didn’t understand the terminology so I was getting more and more confused, and I really didn’t want to say that I had no idea at all what the hell I was being told to do. So, I followed the step by step instructions from the Word Press tutorials but still didn’t know what the hell a ”widget’ ‘side bar’ was. I posted blogs and was thrilled to see people not only read them but liked them too. I had to get better , I muddled on with my tutorials and figured out about but I was still in ‘foggy land’.

Then my daughter gave my this wonderful book , I’m sure as much for her benefit as it was mine. By this point not only was I going crazy with frustration  but everyone around me too. Now I have a another point of reference.  I buried myself in the book and with Word Press tutorials I am slowly getting the jist of all this lingo  and  I am sure in the coming weeks my blog will just get better and better.

If you have any advice or help it will be greatly appreciated.

If you are thinking of starting a blog please get a copy of the BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES.




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