Food glorious food (part 2)

After shoes and bags , I LOVE FOOD. Having worked in the Tourism and Hospitality industry for more than 15 years I have developed a good eye for presentation and good service and an excellent palet  for food and wine.

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant at Brisbane’s Stamford Plaza promises a unique cultural and culinary experience, tantalising and entertaining  guests with the theatrical teppanyaki-style cooking of its highly-trained chefs.  We were celebrating  and the staff made a special dessert plate , signed by the chef at our table, making it an extra special evening.  For those who want a more reserved dining experience, choose a dish or two from the restaurant’s a la carte menu. Whatever you eat, the Kabuki dining room offers a spacious, relaxing setting,  with Japanese paper lanterns and red and white cherry blossom, friendly staff and great service.

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