Collateral Beauty (a movie review)





Although this movie was released in the US in December it’s only in Australia this month. With an  A list cast including  Will Smith, Helen Mirren and  Kate Winslet to name but a few, the story revolves around Howard(Will Smith), an advertising executive who tragically looses his daughter, and over 2 years looses himself in grief. He challenges the Universe by writing letters to Love, Time and Death .His colleagues attempt to reconnect with him by hiring  3 actors to play the parts and help him understand the grieving process and that everyone needs Love , Time waits for no man and Death is imminent.

The film has had mixed reviews from both sides of the pond but I just make up my own mind. It’s an emotional film with a couple of twists , tears, laughs and omg’s.

Despite some negative reviews I thought it was a good movie , good story and an old fashioned ”happy ending”.








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