It’s a new dawn, it’s a new year, it’s a new chance to be better and feel good.

Who needs New Years resolutions anyway? For most of us by February we have already forgotten the list or by pure chance we remember the first three  but soon forget them too, so why all the fuss.

We, my daughter , her hubby and some friends welcomed 2017 at the Stamford Hotel on the Brisbane river with a birds eye views of the bridge, fire works, boat light parade and wonderful live music. As soon as the fireworks were over there was a huge exit stage left by the masses from Brisbane city!!! Not to be mistaken with an Irish New Year, which can sometimes go on till Jan 3rd.

Let’s say 2017 we don’t make ANY resolutions, but look at it  as, a new chance to be better, laugh more, be more tolerant of each other, eat as healthily as you can or as much as your budget will allow, learn something new everyday, doesn’t matter what the subject as long as you learn. Be the best YOU that  you can be.

Make this, the year we try new things, things we thought we could never do or were afraid to do. Get the hair cut you’ve always wanted, change your style, try new food /recipes. Make this a sharing experience, tell me the  places or things that you want to do or see, things that you have changed already and I will share mine right here . Let’s share ideas , tips anything …your thoughts about being 50 or coming up to 50  whatever. I’m looking to sharing our experiences and learning together to be the Best we can be.

It’s now 19 days into the New Year and the only thing I have managed to achieve is writers block  and sun burn (today), even though it was completely overcast and with a slight breeze.

As i’m in Australia and fully aware of the sun and the damage it does,( Australia has one of the highest rates in the World for skin cancer) even Factor 50 couldn’t save me. Suddenly in the mist of my agony my thoughts came flooding back:) Apologies for the long absence, but the blogs will come fast and furius from now on.

I’m looking forward to comments, likes and or advice.

Chat tomorrow.






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