The SLOW DIET begins.

Having followed every diet known to man I have decided to make my own diet.

The Slow Diet…….loose the weight slowly… time limit …no rules just my own common sense.


I’m tired of all the ads on T.V telling me I can look like the model on the ad in x amount of weeks if I just buy the exercise machine or juice maker or meal replacements. I’m fed up with the posts on Facebook claiming the 66 year old woman now looks 36 by taking a tablet everyday!!! COME ON  I know at my age ( and I don’t say that easily) that there is no way I will EVER have the body I  had why I was younger, and if these miracles really worked why do we need a free trial?? There would be no obesity in the world and everyone would be fit, happy and healthy.

But, I do know that I need to loose a few pounds /kgs but I want to do it on my terms , with food I  know and like  and doesn’t cost a fortune  and doing exercise I want to do rather than exercise I have to do.

This week I started to drink the 8 glasses of water recommended by the experts ( I don’t like water) but I am willing to give it a go and see what happens.

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought it would be a good idea to start now. I have been a lazy dieter in the past, if I didn’t see a huge difference quickly I gave up because the diet was no good. When I did  loose  weight and someone complimented me on how great I looked , that was the green light for me to have the cream cake with the coffee and cream on that too!!! So now stopping all my own foolishness I am ready to   loose the weight . I don’t have fancy gadgets, don’t have a gym membership or personal trainer and I’m certainly not spending money of food I have never heard of to make a meal that I probably wouldn’t eat anyway.


TODAY’S WEIGHT -IN : 87.4KGS and thats just drinking the water. Last night I had a chicken and leek pie with oven cooked wedges.:))

Unfortunately the weather has been bad so no exercise yet.

Keep you posted. Let me know if you have any advice to help.


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