FIRST…. love yourself.

It’s a hard thing for most of us to do . Growing up in the 70’s  was not so bad, if fact it was good. The ”Flower Power” era had gone and along with it the craziness of that decade, and we looked forward to a more conservative time.

So being aware to ”Love yourself” wasn’t in the fore front for most teenagers  growing up. It’s only in the last decade or so that we have become more aware of how important it really is for our personal and emotional growth.

I grew up in Ireland where we were a little more behind in personal development. In fact the rule of thumb was ….you met a fella …if you were going out more than 6 months the engagement was expected to be announced. Following a short engagement ie  1 year the wedding was a foregone conclusion. Also at that time most married women were expected to give up work, in fact employers almost pushed you out the door as soon as the wedding was organised. The only growth for a woman then was the every  increasing size of her tummy as the long awaited grand children came along.

As mothers we give up ourselves for a short or long time depending on the circumstances to bring up the kids, manage the house and look after everyone. If you were lucky to stay at home that was  a bonus. But , if like me you had to work there is also the added stress of juggling your job. Hoping the kids don’t get sick, coz it means taking a day off and while no mother minds this there is always an employer who just doesn’t care about your personal life …another stress for you!!!  So where do you get time to love yourself?? I simply didn’t get that time but I was also unaware that I needed it.

So you can see why it is hard for me to get to grips with this concept. I am, I must admit very aware that younger generations don’t have this problem and I admire them for it.

I find that i’m asking myself ‘how do you love yourself’, what do you do?, where do you go to learn this?, is there someone who can tell you??

Now, I have the time, kids are grown up, job is good, I have some disposable income and I figure it’s  now ‘my time’.

I AM going to take time to read the books I’ve kept on the shelf for the ‘when I have time’.

I AM going to buy that luxury item/ items/ trips and not feel guilty.

I AM going to taste the food I want and not worry(too much) about the calories.

I AM going to look after myself better and keep healthy and happy.

Follow me on my journey and who knows where it will take us. heart






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