365 days to find myself!!!!

At 50+ years young I find myself at a crossroads…not a mid life crisis I assure you just a crossroads. So, I thought wouldn’t it be helpful if there were others…family, friends, acquaintances , even complete strangers that could help me to figure out the next step I should take.

I have given myself a year {which I think is a fair bit of time} to decide my future. I have decide to go outside my comfort zone completely and do as many things in this year that I normally wouldn’t do , was scared to do, didn’t think I could do, or didn’t do it because I was on my own.

So if you are reading this please feel free to follow me and give your input on what I hope will be a learning curve as well as an adventure.

I am back tracking to start with so bear with me ……..my daughter very kindly set up my blog but although I started to do different things I hadn’t the courage or confidence to start …..that is till today when I gave myself a good talking to , to get up off my behind and do something constructive with my free days.


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